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Staci Riordan works with designers, manufacturers, retailers and entertainers, providing strategic, business and legal advice so they can achieve their goals. A pioneer in fashion law, Staci handles both transactional and litigation matters for companies of all sizes—from startups to publicly traded multi-national companies.

Regardless of what industry you are in – fashion, law, technology, consumer goods or services – sometimes we need a little help from our friends.

And that is a hard thing to admit because we all tend to think that if we just work hard enough, and persist through obstacles, we can achieve our goals. 

I have been thinking a lot lately on the future of retail.

We have seen more and more consumers buying from their phone or tablet.  People are getting comfortable buying clothing online.  We are even starting to like those crazy sponsored posts that follow us around the internet, urging us to buy something you didn’t

In case you were unaware, the City of Los Angeles is considering a ban on the manufacture and sale of fur products in the City of Los Angeles.

While fur bans are not new, West Hollywood and San Francisco have had them for some time for example, the proposed ban in LA covers not only

Pretty much every business has a website these days – whether you sell goods or services, or merely provide information about goods and services.  If your company is in this group, this post is for you.

The Issue

Recently, claims that websites are not accessible to disabled users have skyrocketed, and my guess is they

Hi everyone!

So how is your year going so far?  So many fashion brands have shared that it has been a “weird’ start to 2019 – be it the government shut down, the LAUSD teacher strike, or heavy rain or snow.

I aw writing to give you a little pick me up or a pep

Hello Fashion Law Friends!

It has been a minute, right? Thank you for being patient with me as I did #theJuggle.  In case you were wondering what I have been doing since we last chatted, here are a few things I have been up to: