These days, every where you look you see articles and posts about the importance of Wellness or Mindfulness, or some version of “make health a priority.”  Before you roll your eyes at me and say:

“Staci!! You told me to be be a successful entrepreneur I could only pick three things and health is not one of my things,”

just hear me out.  Health does not have to be one of your three things to make it a priority.  The two can peacefully co-exist.  Let me explain.

See, Wellness doesn’t mean you have to go to the gym everyday, buy a fit-bit or start some new diet.  Wellness means to be aware of what a healthy lifestyle is for you, and make active choices towards that goal.  Wellness is a constant, evolving journey to help you lead a healthier and more fulfilling life.

And small things everyday count – like standing up frequently at work, doing breathing exercises before bed or after a stressful interaction with a customer, or going to see your doctor or dentist for your check-ups.

The point is to make conscious decisions, big or small, that help you lead a healthier lifestyle.  Small things done daily have the ability to make a great difference, and will help ensure you are living your best life, no matter how crazy your #juggle is.

What Wellness choices are you currently making?  What is one small thing you could change about your daily routine?

Can’t wait to hear about it!