As a working mom of two, I understand it can be hard to find time to pee, let alone do things for your self.  As Randi Zuckerberg aptly said, to be a successful entrepreneur you can only have three of the following five things at any given time:

  • Friends
  • Work
  • Family
  • Fit; or
  • Sleep.

While I think Randi is generally right in that you have to prioritize and figure out how to make #theJuggle work for you, I am not so attached to the idea of work-life balance.  For me, you have to ask yourself:

What is the most important thing to focus on right now

And then you need to focus on that thing and not worry about the rest. There really is no such thing as “balance” because work is part of life. Trying to achieve something that doesn’t exist or is an impossible ideal is just a recipe for unfulfilled expectations.  Better to channel your inner Elsa, and let that all go.

Instead, I challenge you to consider your life a blend of all the things that are important to you: sometimes its work, sometimes its walking your dog, and sometimes its watching your kiddos swim meet.

How would your life change if you stepped away from the proverbial scales?  Would you feel less pressure? Have more time for you? Get more things done that you want to do?

Can’t wait to hear about it.