When I first suggested to friends and colleagues that there is such a thing as “fashion law,” they laughed. Now, fifteen years into being a practicing Fashion Lawyer (as a Fashion Litigator and doing Fashion transactions), I don’t get any laughter when I tell people what I do. Most ask:

How do I become Fashion Lawyer too?

Once I started blogging, I learned that there are a group of us that are passionate about Fashion Law. I have made so many connections online, using twitter, facebook and by reading and commenting on other blogs.

Now, not all of us fashion lawyers agree, take take similar positions or even call themselves fashion lawyers. (no lawyer jokes, please) But discourse and debate is what a democracy is all about.

And if you take a step back and look at the big picture, you’ll realize that Fashion Law has had enough early adopters to become a trend. More than that, Fashion Law has tipped the scales and become a movement……or in fashion lingo, into a legacy brand! Fashion Law even has an institute at Fordham Law School and at Loyola Law School, a section at INTA, and its own state bar section in NY!

So here is a quick shout to those that helped make it happen:

And for all you fashion brands out there, what’s the lesson? Believe in yourself and what you are doing. With commitment, utilization of social media and the Internet and passion, others will begin to believe. And before you know it, you can go from a company to a legacy brand!

What movement do you want to create?